Doll Maker Code and Drag and Drop Script

Create dress up game in no time...

By now you have probably seen a lot of doll maker sites online and are looking to create your own dollmaker. Our free doll maker code-script allows you to quickly create personal drag and drop dress up dollmaker website with your own images (props). Our code offers following functions:
  • Drag and drop script
  • Double click doll maker code
  • No right click javascript
  • Save doll image with one click
  • Support for frames and iframes
  • By adding single line to your web page html code you will convert your page to a real doll maker and get the advanced functionality of saving and printing the doll, creating transparent dolls, enabled no right click, advanced double click and many other neat functions.

    Doll Maker Code and Drag and Drop Script
    See Complete Example  |  Customize this Code-Script
    Copy the following code to your page with doll maker images (props)
    Modifications, disassembly or re-distribution of any part or portion or the whole of the Site/Application or any of its individual code functions is strictly prohibited.

    You can customize the maker for you own site by clicking "Customize this Script" link above. Our system allows you to select many different styles and functions for your own Doll Maker page.

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    Current Doll Maker FAQ
  • Where do I place the code?
  • Place provided code anywhere on the page after <BODY> tag. Code placement reflects the position of the build area on the page. Adjust placement of the code so build area is located in the desired position.
  • What if I don't need build area (only need drag and drop script)?
  • Click "Customize this Code-Script" link and select "Hide Build Area". New provided script will be identical to simple drag and drop javascript that works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape and other DOM compatible browsers.
  • Do I need to have any other scripts on the page?
  • You may add any scripts you like, however no additional scripts are required to run the dollmaker.
  • How do I make the image not draggable (for example vote button or header example image)?
  • Add class='nodrag' to the tag of any image that you would like to stay not draggable. Image html tag should look like <IMG SRC='your-image-file.gif' class='nodrag'> .
  • How do I disable right click?
  • Dollmaker script will disable right clicks for you automatically. You can enable right clicks by selecting corresponding option on "Customize this Code-Script" page.
  • Do I need to add class='drag' to all of my images?
  • No, dollmaker script does not require you to add class='drag' to any of the images.
  • I already have a dollmaker, what would be the easiest way to convert it to dollmakerscript?
  • Just add provided code to your dollmaker and everything else should work properly. If you experience problems with the maker after you added the code try to remove any drag-n-drop javascript you previously had on that page.
  • Can I just use the props from my computer and not upload them online?
  • No, in order for the dollmaker to provide "Save & Download" functionality all the props have to be uploaded online.
    Recent Questions... View all posts
    2006-10-24Finally some updates!!!!
    We fixed a problem with incorrect image position after resizing of the window and added another right mouse click context menu option for bringing the items to the top.
    2006-04-18Can I change what the Save & Download button say and where it links to? I still want to get the image adress, such as "" but I want to go to a different page somehow... I am going to program something that automatically uses the image link, but it needs a way to tell what the doll number is......
        -No, at this point this would not be possible, but we may have a solution like this in the future.
    2006-03-20I would like to make my own doll and put it on my page, how can i get the code of the doll i made so i can do that?
        -Every time you make a doll, dollmakerscript will try to provide a code for you. You can always use the provided code to place the doll on your page. If code is not available, you have to click "Save [small disk]", save the doll to your computer and upload it to your own site.
    2006-03-18Do you do who is the Tokio Hotel(it is a Germany band):DD Where do you live?I live in Hungary(in Europe) :D
    2006-03-17HAPPY ST.PATTYS DAY
    2006-03-15This is the second time I HAD 2 write ya
    because my webpage is a Freewebs one and it has any space to put the dollmaker.And thereīs any page that tells me thet I can put a dollmaker.Please!I need somebody 2 help me!!!!!!;):(
    2006-03-15I wanted 2 use this dollmaker in my webpage but I donīt know very much of web design.Help!
    2006-03-15how do iget props for my dollmaker
    2006-03-14how do i get more dollpoints i go to the web site everyday an they dont give me more poinyts
    2006-03-13This a GREAT sight for the hotest dolls! So come see us!
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    My source for Doll Maker Script and Drag and Drop Code
    My source for Doll Maker Script and Drag and Drop Code

    Below you can see an example of what Doll Maker Script might look like when placed on your site.

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